Thursday, January 21, 2021

Christmas Day Pt2

Merry Christmas 2021! After a delicious breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, it was time to head back to the living room and continue opening presents. 
Aubrey organized this one, and the kids have been doing a really good job keeping it a secret for the last few weeks. 

It's a photo-blanket with a picture of the entire family! Very nice! 

Good job for all the grandkids!

Some gloves to keep our hands warm. 

And fluffy socks to keep our toes warm. 

Their cousins got them lots of candy. 

My mom made us a very warm Mickey blanket. I love the quotes that she always puts on them. 
"There comes a day when you're going to look around and realize happiness is where you are" - Chief Tui, Moana 

It's become our go-to couch blanket, along with its cousin, a blue Mickey one with a similar backing. If we're watching movies together and it's a little chilly, this is what we're underneath. 

The kids made a giant book of drawings for Grammy and Grandpa. Very nice. Something homemade. 

From Gram and Pop Pop, books plus a build kit for a tic-tac-toe toss game. 

Ooh, and backpacks to carry their own stuff when we get out to go hiking. 

And hiking headlamps too from Aunt Amy and Uncle Don! I think we might get out for some camping this year. 

Ian was looking under the tree for the next presents and found something. 

Whoa! It's a pair of Prep & Landing goggles!

So that's what Santa must have meant from the letter we got along with the cookies. 

Lego Mario! Thanks Uncle Patrick and Aunt Megan!

Aubrey got them a kids cookbook and a bright pink apron for Alli. That's definitely going to be seeing some use coming up. 

Also from Aubrey were these invisible ink pens. You couldn't see anything when you wrote with them, but if you turned on the LED UV light in the cap, you could see what was hidden. 

Honestly they could have ended right there. These pens were a bit hit, distracting them for the rest of the morning. 

Band-aids and scotch tape. We can always use more tape. 

Whoa, that's a lot of Lego!

Minecraft shirts! The kids are both really big into Minecraft right now.

They spent the rest of the morning organizing all their Lego by color (don't ask me why). 

But they were quite intent on doing it. 

1800 Lego sorted roughly by color. Wow. 

For lunch, instead of the more traditional ham, we're having these delicious Prime steaks. 

Steaks with truffle butter, fried potatoes, corn muffins, broccoli, cranberry sauce, and sparkling cider. 

We'd organized it ahead of time to have lunch at the same time as all the Colorado family. 

Hi everyone!

And for those who couldn't be here in person, just like last year, we're playing games for cash. 

The only difference is that the kids are the ones doing the spinning and rolling for everyone. 

So even though we're not traveling for Christmas this year due to COVID, it was still a pretty fun day. 

Lots of FaceTiming to see family from all over. 

Lots of text wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a hope for better things to come in 2021. 

2021 is going to be interesting to be sure. Here's hoping for a year of fun times and great new memories!


  1. Full morning and afternoon (what a filling luncheon feast!)...thank goodness for the different technologies to "see" each other on Christmas day (and other times). That Photo Blanket was wonderful...never saw one so huge! Love that homemade Mickey blanket with the beautiful! Giant book of hand-drawn pictures just for Grammy & Grandpa...what a special treasure from Alli & Ian. Family is now ready for some outdoor camping adventures...that should be an exciting time. A memorable and different Christmas day, but still shared with family! EOM

    1. Agreed. Video conferencing with family has been a good way to stay in touch. Hope you had a good Christmas!