Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Cotton Candy

Kool-Aid Cotton Candy? While I was at CVS I happened to see this randomly on the candy shelves. I like Cotton Candy, so yeah! Why not! And as I was looking around at graphics for this article, I found one of the Kool-Aid Man crashing through a wall holding cotton candy for a Mystery Flavor promotion they did recently. Gotta use that. 

The Kool-Aid Cotton Candy is Tropical Punch flavored. We'll be tasting it along side regular Kool-Aid Tropical Punch as well as Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Bursts. 
Have we ever made Kool-Aid at home before? I can't think of a time that we have, so this is a first for us tonight. Ian is adding the sugar. 

Alli added the packet of Kool-Aid powder. 

I added the water and then we got to mixing. 

Now it's time to taste it! 

Eh... After some pictures. Tropical Punch is a bright red color. It's what we've come to expect from Fruit Punch flavored things. 

For being such a bright red flavored drink, I was expecting a different color cotton candy. The kids were too. The front of the package shows the Kool-Aid Man holding balloons with 7 different colors of cotton candy on the end of them. 

Both kids are helpers for these pictures. 

Time to taste everything! 

First up is the Tropical Punch Kool-Aid we made here at home. 

Mmm. I don't usually like Fruit Punch flavored things, but that's actually pretty good. 

Next, we're going to try the Cotton Candy. 

Well after tasting the Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy that didn't taste anything like Rainbow Sherbet, I was expecting more of the same. When I smelled it, I smelled the sweet sugar, but nothing very fruit punchy about it. So it was a happy surprise when I tasted it and got a very strong Fruit Punch flavor. 

And the texture of this cotton candy is very surprising to me too. We we tried the Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy it was very stiff. This is so light and airy. More than any cotton candy I can remember tasting. 

Next is the Kool-Aid Bursts. We tried them before when we were doing our Peeps Fruit Punch taste test

Ian didn't like it before. 

And he still doesn't like it now. 

Give me a taste of that. I want to know what you're not liking so much. 
Eh, yeah, I agree with you guys. This is different than the Kool-Aid we made. It tastes watered down. I thought it was like a weak Flavor-Ice frozen pop. 

Tasting the homemade Kool-Aid and yes, it's confirmed. That's much better. 

I thought it might be fun to do an experiment with the cotton candy. We all know what happens when you put cotton candy in water, right? Maybe we can turn this drink purple. 

Alli dunked it all the way under Kool-Aid, held it there, and...

What?!? Why didn't it dissolve? 

It's got these weird red spots on it, but it's still very intact. 

Even after Ian pushed it under longer, it still kept its structure. 

They both tried the somewhat saturated cotton candy and it was really tasty. 

It did leave some weird floaties in our drink though. 

It was a fun taste test. We should rate everything. 

The Kool-Aid Cotton Candy is thumbs up all around. It's pretty good, which surprised me a little bit. 

As for the homemade Kool-Aid, it's also delicious. Lots of thumbs up from the kids for that. 

The Kool-Aid Bursts, not so much. Thumbs down for that. Even Alli agreed. 


  1. "Magical" cotton candy...dunk it all you want but it still looks like cotton candy (reminds me of Cap'n Crunch that "stays crunchy even in milk"!)...that was very unexpected, along with those strange reddish spots after the dunking. Think Ian & Alli were having lots of fun dunking the cotton candy in the Kool-Aid and being amazed by what they saw. Thought the cotton candy would be reddish at a minimum, to match a tropical punch color...didn't expect that light blue color. Cute Kool-Aid Man holding the cotton candy graphic...perfect for this post. EOM

    1. That was a really odd reaction for that cotton candy. It seemed to be coated with something other than sugar.