Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kids Make - Rainbow S'mores

It's time for another kids creation! Tonight, we're making Rainbow S'mores!

If the kids get some iPad time, one of the things they like doing is watching Youtube Kids videos. Alli loves watching all sorts of different cooking and dessert creations. One of the things she saw that they really wanted to try were these Rainbow Smores! 

They gathered the materials they could reach and then asked me to collect the rest. I was surprised I was able to find all the colors of rainbow in sugar sprinkles.

First Alli lined the bottom of a small glass bowl with chocolate chips. 

I cut the marshmallows in half because we've just got a small bowl and don't need 12 full-sized marshmallows. Six will be plenty. The kids dunked the marshmallows in water using toothpicks. 

Then rolled them in sugar. 

The orange and purple I just happened to find from a halloween mix I found in the cabinet. 

They shoved all 12 half-marshmallows into the bowl, on top of the chocolate chips and took them over to the microwave. 

The video doesn't say how long to microwave it for, so I picked 60 seconds at 50% power.

It's looking pretty good. Let's check the bottom. 

It's starting to melt, but I think it could go a little longer. 

Thirty more seconds on High Power and things are very melty. 

After breaking up the graham crackers, it was time to finally try their Rainbow S'more creation. 

Wow, it's pretty gooey. 

Really really gooey! But, the mixture of melted chocolate, sticky marshmallows, and crunchy sugar crystals was really good! The microwave is a good way to make s'mores!


  1. The Rainbow S'mores are really colorful and pretty to look of all, all gooey and chocolatey and perfect with the graham crackers. What a fun idea, Alli & Ian! That video of cooking/baking creations had some other gorgeous ideas for the future! EOM

    1. This one was indeed a fun one. And there's no shortage of ideas on the internet. Alli is always on the lookout.