Sunday, January 10, 2021

Happy 40th Birthday Theresa!

Wow, has it really been 40 years? Happy Birthday Theresa!

Earlier in the week, Alli asked Theresa what kind of cake she wanted. Theresa said she liked both Red Velvet and Chocolate. Alli came to me and in a secret conspiratorial voice said "let's make both!". We can do that Alli!
We got to work making a bundt cake for Mommy's birthday. Alli is greasing up the pan and then dusted it with flour. 

Cracking some eggs. 
This recipe uses a box of pudding too. 

And sour cream. 

Alli is mixing up the red velvet cake. 

Ian is mixing the chocolate cake. 

Our last surprise is a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in the batter from each. They learned the stir and fold method. 

Together we layered the Red Velvet and Chocolate batter around the bundt pan. 

Fifty minutes later in a 350F oven and our cake is done! It looks and smells delicious!

It's January, but it's 70 degrees outside today, so we all went out for a bike ride! We've got a goal to bike 500 miles and walk 500 miles this year. It's early but so far we're ahead of schedule. 

Once we got home, Alli helped make the frosting for the top. 

And her and Ian made short work of the beaters. 

For dinner, Theresa's mom and I made a big Korean meal, like if we were going out to the Korean restaurant for her birthday. So much good stuff here. Fried wontons, california rolls, kimchi, rice, glass noodles, steamed mondu, baked mondu, takuan, cucumber kimchi, and korean chicken thighs. 

Theresa got a little bit of everything on her plate. 

After icing the cake, we also made chocolate covered strawberries. That'll go great with our chocolate cake. 

Whew! 40 candles is a lot!

Happy Birthday Theresa!

All forty candles out on the first try!

Those strawberries were delicious with the cake. 

And the cake was well marbled with layers of Chocolate and Red Velvet. 

The cake was tasty!

Alli made everyone party hats. Everyone's hat has a picture of Theresa with a balloon, plus their name on it. 

Love it Alli. Very nice job figuring out a solution to not having party hats from the store. 

Even Sparkle Fluff got one. 

For presents, the kids drew her some pictures. 

Ian - This next gift I couldn't wrap. 
A nice back massage. 

Alli built her a little relaxation pad with blankets and pillows. 

Plus a nice card too. Happy birthday T!

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  1. Happy Birthday, #40, Theresa!!!...your lungs are definitely in top shape (very impressive to see you blow out all the candles in one breath and do it so effortlessly!) A Korean birthday feast fit for a queen...EVERYTHING looked soooooooooooooooo delicious, but I was especially eyeing those glass noodles along with the CA rolls :-) Two favorite cake flavors in one serving (good job budding bakers!)...yummy...beautiful presentation of the cake with the surrounding chocolate-covered strawberries...looked extra special. Beautiful birthday gifts from Alli & Ian, with lots of love. Good idea, Alli, on making sure everyone had birthday hats for the party! EOM