Friday, January 22, 2021

Ian Makes - Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pop

After the kids get done with school, they're free to play, read, exercise, or come up with other interesting things. Without telling us why, Ian asked us to pick up some strawberries from the grocery store for him. One afternoon he asked for them and we finally got to see what he was up to. He wanted to make a Strawberry Juice Popsicle! Well after juicing 3 large strawberries and having about a centimeter of juice in the medicine cup, Theresa suggested he turn it into a strawberry lemonade popsicle instead. He enthusiastically agreed!

I love getting random texts throughout the day from the kids. Ian sent me this then came upstairs to make sure I got it. He came and checked in with me randomly throughout the day to give me a status on how it was freezing. 

If we're going to turn this into a taste test, we should make something else to go with it. Strawberry Lemonade was a good suggestion, so the kids picked a few lemons off our backyard tree. 

Perfect! That should be just enough to make a gallon of lemonade. The kids helped make it up the lemonade. I blended it with some strawberries. Then it was time to taste!

Alli retrieving the frozen pop. 

Looks pretty good buddy! Yes there's just a single pop for everyone to share. It'll be tasty regardless. 

First we try our homemade strawberry lemonade. Delicious. 

Ian offered everyone else the first lick, but since it's his creation, we insisted that he be the first to try it. You can see Alli licking her lips in anticipation. 

Ian thought it was tasty. Alli is excited to try it next. 

She thought it was great too! Both Theresa and I also gave it a try and thought it was pretty delicious. It does have a stronger strawberry taste in it compared to our strawberry lemonade. 

Thumbs up from everyone for this creation. Nice job Ian. 
We liked it so much that after this small-scale sample, we're planning to bump up production and make a few larger strawberry lemonade pops just to have in our freezer!


  1. Hey Ian, the frozen strawberry lemonade pop sounds and looks like a great, refreshing treat!...wonderful idea to try! So convenient to step into the backyard at any time to get fresh lemons...can't beat that for freshness. EOM

    1. Thanks! He's got plenty more ideas to try to attempt.