Saturday, January 23, 2021

Breakfast for dinner

Tonight we're having another delicious breakfast for dinner. Theresa told me that it was all her favorite breakfast foods tonight in one place! There's bagels and cream cheese, hash browns, bacon, and eggs, so that she can make a breakfast burrito!

I've previously made bagels at home when I made Einstein Bros, but I feel like giving it another go. It started the night before, mixing up the bagel dough. 

For this recipe, I'm following along with Adam Ragusea again. 

After mixing the dough, I let it double in size in a warm oven. 

Then divided the dough into 12 balls, giving them 20 minutes to rise again. 

I took special requests for what kinds of bagels people were wanting. Chocolate chip bagels was high on the list. I added the chocolate chips at this stage, mixing them in by hand versus using the mixer before. It didn't leave the dough as streaked with chocolate. 

Don't get the chocolate chip bagels confused with the raisin bagel I made for Richard. 

They look pretty similar. Raisin is in the front left. 

After letting them rise another 20 minutes, it's time to put the hole in the middle of them. 

I floured each finger, poked them all the way through, then gently stretched them into a ring. Adam suggested that the flavor will be better if these proof slowly in the fridge, so, that's where they'll go until I'm ready to bake them for dinner tomorrow. 

The next day they have indeed risen. 

Next these raw bagels are getting boiled. I brought a wide pan with some water and honey to a hard boil. 

Then these bagels took a hot bath. 90 seconds for each side. 

When they were done they came out looking like this. The longer they are in the water, the chewier they'll be. 

With a dozen bagels to get through, I've got a few different rounds through the water. If I was to do it again, I'd do the plain bagels first. This time I started with the chocolate chip bagels and they turned the water brown. It left a line of brown on the plain bagels, though I could rinse off most of it.

My bagels are going to be an asiago/parmesan. I took a couple plain bagels, dipped them in raw egg, then dipped them into the cheese. 

All the bagels went into a 425F oven for 25 minutes. 

Yum! Let's eat! 

The bagels turned out beautifully. 

The bottom of the bagel is nicely GBD, Golden Brown Delicious. 

The outside was chewy while the inside was fluffy. They're a little more flat than what you might get from the bagel shop, but they taste delicious!

The chocolate chips ones turned out pretty good. The asiago cheese bagels look like they could have come from a bagel shop. Beautifully toasted cheese. 

My plate tonight. OJ and Milk, hash browns, bacon, scrambled eggs, and an asiago cheese bagel. So good!

We've got three different toppings for our bagels tonight. Butter, cream cheese, and brown sugar cream cheese. All three of them were tasty in their own way. 

Theresa's favorite breakfast things are breakfast burritos and bagels, so she was very happy with the meal tonight. Topped with her homemade restaurant style salsa, she thought these were fantastic. We need to have breakfast for dinner more often.  

Alli arranged her plate for me so that I could take a picture of it. Yes, that's mustard for dipping her hash browns into. Grandpa started doing it and now she follows his lead. 

Richard and Chi loved it. Any homemade bread is good in their book, but they thought these bagels were especially delicious. 

Ian said he loved the bagels. Alli gives them a big 10 thumbs up too. 
They're good, but it's all a bit of work to throw together. These were made by special request, so I'll probably hold off making them again until someone in the family really wants them. 

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  1. Looks like Alli & Ian really enjoyed those chocolate chip bagels...have the smiles to prove it :-) ...I'd go for them, too (yum, yum)...the raisin one would be right behind! That was a pretty golden brown on the bottom of the bagels...nice color. The bagels certainly proved to be a hit, and all look delicious...yummy! EOM