Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Holiday Treats - Making Gingerbread and Sugar cookies again!

Today we're making cookies! Yes, again! It's been fun getting together as a family and making them and decorating them, so this is the third batch of gingerbread cookies, and the second batch of sugar cookies!

Knowing we'd be making cookies the next day, I mixed up another batch of gingerbread dough.

The next afternoon, Alli and Theresa set to work rolling them out, cutting out the shapes, and baking them. Alli is excited to be making things in the kitchen. 

I'm looking forward to eating them!

Along with the gingerbread, we're making a few sugar cookies too. These cookies that are rolled in sugar are especially tasty. 

With the little bit of extra dough, I made the kids a special surprise. I had them close their eyes and then put the cookie trays down in front of them. It got some smiles. 

Now that is a lot of cookies! We're just missing one thing... Icing. I'm missing food coloring, so I need to go to the store. At 11pm, the stores are not crowded at all, so it was easy enough to stay away from people. 

The next morning after I had made 4 different colors, it was time to decorate again!

It's a little more runny than before, so hopefully it will "flood" the cookie and make smoother sections. Alli is mixing her own red and white to make pink. 

Ian is taking his time with this one because he wants it to be perfect for a friend in his class. 

Hey! Who is hoarding all the frosting colors! 

Alli is making a very colorful Christmas Tree with lots of sanding sugar. 

Decorating cookies can be a messy business! There were multiple trips to go wash hands during the middle of it all. 

Theresa's cookies are looking beautiful! And hey, I know why! She's cheating! 

Okay, maybe not quite cheating, but certainly being inspired by things she's finding online. She's still got to recreate it herself, and she's throwing in some changes to it too. 

Nice job decorating your cookies kids!

Alli, you made so many beautiful cookies! I love the stocking with your name on it, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer beside it. The Christmas tree turned out so pretty with all the different colors on it. 

Ian made a really nice Christmas Tree and Stocking. I like the different colored sanding sugar on each of them to give it a nice color and texture difference. The rest he saved for Grandpa because Grandpa likes cookies without a lot of icing. 

Theresa and I were happy with what we came up with too. 

I like her ugly sweater gingerbread man with the use of sprinkles, and the 3 different Mickey shaped cookies look adorable. 

For mine, I like my Christmas trees and stocking, plus my alternate use of a Mickey head to make a snow globe. 

Showing off all the different places where they got icing. Alli somehow got it all the way up on her neck!

Facetiming with the cousins and showing off their creations. They can't be here in person, but we can still share. Being able to do video phone calls has been a great way to stay connected during this whole pandemic. 

Lastly, here's a look at a few more of my favorite Mickey shaped cookies we've made.
Will we make cookies a fourth time? Time will tell!


  1. So much fun!...everyone gets to participate and show off their creative juices! That was definitely ALOT of baked cookies. That was such a fun surprise for Ian & Alli to see their names spelled out...brought a smile to my face, too...did they color and/or decorate those personalized cookies? An excellent (thoughtful) reason for Ian not to decorate all the gingerbread cookies. Very creative decorations on all the cookies regarding color usage and design ideas (btw, thought the snow globe idea was an especially unique use of the Mickey head!) Another memorable family cookie-decorating activity. EOM

    1. They didn't decorate those cookies with their name, but they decorated plenty others.
      It was a fun time decorating all those cookies this year. We had a bunch!