Tuesday, January 19, 2021

National Popcorn Day - Tasting Popcorn M&Ms and making chocolate covered popcorn - January 19th

Happy National Popcorn Day! I've been holding on to these Chocolate Popcorn M&Ms for a while now, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to taste them. 

And if we're going to taste something with a particular flavor, more often than not, we're also going to be making something with that flavor to go along with it. In this case, chocolate popcorn!
I love that the M&Ms are the same colors as the chocolate popcorn we made. White popcorn, Yellow buttery goodness, and Dark Brown chocolate drizzle. 
The supplies are pretty simple. Just a bag of microwave popcorn and this pouch of Dolci Drizzlers. We use the bigger package of Dolci chocolate for dipping strawberries. These were a nice find when the stores ran out of the regular chocolate on New Years. 

Ian took care of microwaving the popcorn for us. 

Then I had the kids sort through the popcorn to make sure we didn't get stuck with any unpopped kernels. 

Alli microwaved our chocolate, so she got the first dibs on being our chocolate drizzler. 

Ian was next. While one was drizzling, the other would point out places that were lacking in chocolate. 

Looks tasty! 

It's a swirly work of art. 

When I had them pose for the regular product picture, I asked Alli to hold the bag for me. 
Alli - How did you get the M&Ms out? 
She'd noticed the bag was still completely sealed. Easy answer, I have two bags of these! My brother sent me a bag, just in case I couldn't find them!

Let's try the M&Ms first. 

They're... interesting. 
Theresa - They're Crispy M&Ms with a hint of weirdness
I do taste an artificial butter and popcorn flavor to them. It's not very in your face though. And if you asked me to taste test it without knowing what it was, I'd be hard pressed to tell you that it was popcorn flavored. 

As for the popcorn, yeah! It's actually quite tasty. The salty and sweet is always a good combination in my book. Theresa suggested the need for Caramel drizzlers to go along with the Chocolate drizzlers. Then we'd have a real hit on our hands. 

Alli picked out an especially chocolatey piece for Ian to have. 

Alli wants you to see the insides. 

Alli - Daddy, take a picture!
All the M&Ms tasted the same, no matter the outside color. Inside we can see the Crispy puffed rice center. 

Alli enjoyed them. She drew a heart in the middle of the remaining M&Ms. 
The rest of us thought they were something interesting to try, but not anything especially extraordinary. Still, it's always fun to try new things, and this is the first time we've done drizzled popcorn together. We'll count it as a win. 


  1. The chocolatey web on the popcorn looks fun to eat...even better, it actually tastes good! Too bad on the Popcorn M&Ms...but Theresa comes up with some of the funniest descriptions at times: "crispy M8Ms with a hint of weirdness"...LIKE that description :-) What? You weren't able to show Alli the magic bag trick to take out the M&Ms without opening it? :-)..but good observation by Alli! What an ending expression by Alli...big eyes saying "oops!" EOM

    1. Chocolate art! I bet we could figure out something fun to do with that!