Friday, August 27, 2021

Chobani Flips Taste Test Comparison

The kids love to have a yogurt snack every once in a while. Theresa found all these Chobani Flip flavors and since they're a good deals, she bought all the flavors they had. She must know us or something. 

Looking at the Chobani Flip website, there's 20 different flavors available, but I think we've got some good ones here!

The kids were looking forward to S'more S'mores the most. With sweet vanilla yogurt, graham crackers, and toasted sugar bits who can blame them. It sounds good to me too. 

I was most looking forward to the Almond Coco Loco. I love almost anything coconut. This has coconut yogurt, dark chocolate pieces, and honey roasted salted almond. 

Key Lime Crumble sounds like it could be pretty tasty. I love the tanginess of Key Lime Pie. This has Key Lime yogurt with graham crackers and white chocolate. 

Rounding out the taste test is Cookies & Cream. Instead of regular vanilla yogurt, this has vanilla chocolate chip yogurt. You get to mix in chocolate cookies and creamy icing pieces. 

The best part of these mix-ins is that you add them in yourself. 

All those crunchy pieces stay crunchy because you add them in at the last minute. 

Everyone took turns tasting the different flavors. There's certainly some surprises. 

Unsurprisingly the kids have a favorite and Theresa and I think a little differently. 

Both kids like the Cookies and Cream Chobani Flip the most. With the creamy yogurt and chocolate crunchy pieces they think it's great! 
Theresa and I thought the Key Lime Crumble was the best. I shared what we were doing with my brother and his wife and they both said they love the Key Lime Crumble too. Coconut was our second favorite. 

Surprisingly, everyone's least favorite was the S'more S'mores. Theresa thought maybe it could be improved with dark chocolate pieces instead of the regular chocolate. That would bump up the flavor a bit more. 

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  1. That was a tasty test! All the flavors sound good but would like to try the Almond Coco Loco first for its coconut flavor (2nd would be all the others :-) ) Nice find by Theresa...with so many other flavors in existence (somewhere), another Chobani Flip taste test may be a possibility :-) EOM