Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls but in the RV

Alli to me - Daddy, can you make cinnamon rolls?
Me - Did your Mommy ask you to say that? 
Alli - No. Well, yes. 
Me looking knowingly at Theresa. 
Theresa - Wait, wait. She told me she wanted them, and I told her that she needs to ask you. 

For the last few times I've made them, I've liked using and her cinnamon roll recipe. I combined all the wet ingredients. 

Then added my flour. Without a mixer, I'm doing this all this kneading by hand. 

I highly doubt there's any other recipes that state "Put the dough inside your car to proof". Putting it in the car in this heat will help it rise, and it will also keep all the bugs away, even though it's outside. 

The dough was happy and fluffy. 

I took my dough ball and flattened it down with my rolling pin. 

I mixed up brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon for the filling. I need to figure out a way to get the crunchiness out of this mixture. Maybe if I heated it up and lightly melted it like a syrup it would help. 

I think next time I need to roll my dough out a bit thinner. I put a regular layer of filling on the right, but a thinner one on the left. Cinnamon rolls are delicious, but could they be better? 

Maybe with an apple filling to go along with the cinnamon and brown sugar? I rolled it up as best I could. The cinnamon filling on the right rolled up okay. The apple one though. 

Maybe I need to work a little better on my portioning. I might, just might, have overfilled this one with too many apples. There was no way I could cut it. Instead I flipped it over on a piece of parchment and baked it as-is. 

For proofing, these went right back out to the car to rise again. 

Once they've puffed up enough, I poured warm cream over the top of them, then baked them at 375 until they were brown enough for my liking. About 15 minutes or so in my toaster oven. 

My apple-cinnamon-brown sugar loaf took just a little longer, but it's looking good. 


Ian, which one do you want? 
Ian - This one here has my name on it. <in a high squeaky voice> Ian, eat me!

Alli, these are all because of you. Which one would you like? That great big one? 

They were delicious, just like we were expecting! Now we'll have breakfast too with the leftovers! 
Alli, what did you think? 
Alli - I picked too big. I'm sweeted out. 
Huh, you don't usually hear those words coming out of her mouth. 

The apple loaf was tasty, but it does need a bit of frosting to add some moistness to the bread. If I were to do it again, I'd dice up the apples to be much more fine. I'd also roll my dough a lot thinner so I could get a few more rotations and have a bigger filling to bread ratio. Still good though!

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  1. The RV must have smelled good enough to eat as the rolls baked :-) Thought the apple roll would be moist because of the apple filling...still looks yummy to me, and I like that idea of the apple filling! (the apple roll, before baking, made me think of it as an "apple-cinnamon burrito") The cinnamon rolls are always delicious! Can imagine a sheepish look from Alli's big eyes when she said, "No...Well, yes" :-) You can write your own recipes for RV living by recommending "proofing the dough in a vehicle!" :-) EOM