Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Flowers Explore - Greenville Campground - 2021/07/19-22

It's time to move again. Today is another travel day. 

This was the first time I had to pull over to the side of the highway. I was checking my side mirrors and noticed one of my side panels had opened up. I hopped out, shuffled some things around that might have pressed against it, relocked it, and we were off down the road again. Luckily nothing fell out. 

We've got about 6 hours ahead of us to move from Tompkins Bend in Arkansas over to Greenville Missouri. 
Along the way we were noticing these fields that were obviously planted with something, but we couldn't tell what. After a little bit of research, Theresa found out that this is Rice. We also learned that Arkansas is actually responsible for 50% of the United States' rice production with 99 million pounds last year. China could eat through that in 1 week! 

Our campground is the Army Corp of Engineers Greenville campground in Greenville Missouri. Most Army Corp of Engineer campgrounds have Water and Electric. This is our first site with sewer! We have full hookups here! That means we don't need to limit our water usage and can take longer showers! Also our clothes washer seems to use about 30 gallons, and previously I've had to haul all that water to a dump station. Not here! 

As I was setting up, I noticed our neighbor and her hummingbird feeders. I don't think I've ever seen so many hummingbirds in one place before! The kids loved them, and Ian would watch them from his bedroom window. 

It's difficult to see, but there's a river behind all those trees. Dinner on moving days is usually something quick. 

That'll give us more time to ride our bikes and explore! At the end of this path, there were two directions we could go. 

Our first pick took us across the river! Awesome! When we got to the other side, there was a sign that said that trail ahead was so steep with sharp corners, that it was required to walk your bikes. Eh, let's turn around and try the other direction. 

Oh my, this is gorgeous. It's a wide paved trail, away from the streets, and look at this fantastic forrest we're riding through. Theresa ends up saying this a lot lately, but I bet this place is really beautiful in the Fall when the leaves change colors. 

Cool! A tunnel that goes under the road!

We emerged at the town of Greenville, but it's 7:30pm and things are already closed. We do need a few supplies, like eggs, flour, and veggies for dinner tomorrow. We'll come back in the morning. 

The next morning, we were back on our bikes, riding down the beautiful trails, and back to Greenville. Richard's Supermarket is the main grocer in Greenville. We locked mine and the kids' bikes up and went inside. 

Why not Theresa's bike? Because with the messenger bag attachment on front, this folding bike turns into a shopping cart! It definitely turned a few heads. The cashier was pretty amazed by it. 
We got what we needed, plus we found a pretty cool taste test opportunity. More on that in a future post. 

We have visitors! It's our first time hosting guests in our RV!
Grammy, Grandpa, and Rita all drove down from Michigan! While they're here in Missouri, we're going to see the kids' Great Grandma plus some family friends in the area. 

We're so excited!

This is their first real look at Beauty (RV) and The Beast (truck) since we've bought them. The kids were excited to show them around their new home. 

They love their Aunt Rita. They were both talking about and really hoping for another surprise visitor, like the last time Aubrey surprised them in California. That wasn't to be this time though. 

This reminds me of dinners in California. It's just a little bit closer quarters. We made up all the fixins for Chipotle Burritos as well as some tasty guac and chips. It is Taco Tuesday today, so we're calling these soft tacos. 

Rita got recruited for some Uno. 

Next we went out to explore the campground a little more. Our little Ninja Warriors figured out ways to work their way across the playground equipment along unique paths. 

It's nice to get everyone out for a walk together. 

Here there is an old Confederate cemetery, from the time of the American Civil War. 

Five unnamed Confederate Soldiers who died here. 

Chi found some wild Kkaennip, an Asian plant that soaked in soy sauce. Interesting fact, while it's edible to humans, it's toxic to cows and horses. It's considered a weed here in the States. 

There's a ridiculous number of bunnies that we've been seeing. We figured that maybe Gram and Pop Pop drove out from Colorado to release their bunnies in Missouri, and then they drive back home. 

So why is the Greenville Army Corp of Engineers campground so much nicer than the other ones? Because it was recently redone! The bridge we pass under as we drove in has markings for all the different floods the area has seen. That line as the very top shows that this whole place was underwater about 10 years ago in May 2011! The sites here were cleaned up and while they were at it, they added sewer hookups too! We love it!

Theresa made a delicious Red Velvet Bundt cake for Rita's birthday which is coming up soon, but we're celebrating now since we're together. 

For her present, she can pick any rock she wants from our Quartz Crystals. 

Seven way Uno certainly makes it interesting. 

The kids will happily hand you a stuffed animal, but they've made up a game that it's super bad luck to have him by you. Grandpa was having some really bad luck and mentioned that he didn't even have Giraffee. The kids informed him that they'd snuck Giraffee behind him when he wasn't looking and it was pretty hilarious. 

Who doesn't have a full-size piano keyboard in their RV? When we start homeschooling the kids this Fall, music is going to be one of their subjects. Theresa started piano lessons when she was 5. I think it's time the kids start learning an instrument (and maybe their Daddy will try to learn something too). 

When we went shopping at Walmart, a nearby gas station had 59 cent Icees. The kids just had to stop. We sent a picture to Aubrey, saying that we wished she was here with us. 

Also at Walmart, I picked up a couple hummingbird feeders. I wonder if I can attract as many as our neighbors. 

It gives us something else to look at while we're eating lunch or dinner. 

Eventually they found it. And we may not have had as many as the neighbor, but there were still a lot of those sugar loving birds. 

Once again I have to say, I'm amazed by the friendliness of the people around here. Theresa says it's because everyone is on vacation and in a good mood. 
Our neighbors saw us gathering wood earlier in the day, mostly sticks and larger branches. He invited me to come grab some bigger logs from his site to keep our fire going longer. "And if you run out, just come and grab more. I have plenty." So nice!

Another neighbor saw us gathering wood and we mentioned that we were going to make S'mores. 
"How are you going to make them?"
What do you mean? 
"We like to make them with Keebler Fudge Stripes, marshmallows, and Reese's Thins. And also with Oreos, marshmallows, and chocolate."
That sounds awesome!
"When I see you guys making the fire, I'll bring some stuff over."
Sure enough, when we got the fire going, he brought over sandwich bags filled with Fudge Stripe cookies, Oreos, and Reese's Thins. 

And they were really really good! I love how the Reese's adds a bit of peanut butter to the mix!
Ian's favorite was the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies. 

Guess I didn't get a picture, but Alli's favorite was the Oreo, with extra chocolate, and a perfectly toasted marshmallow. 

The kids were happy to make a marshmallow for anyone who asked for one. 
Great! Lots of sugar just before bed! 

The next day we have even more visitors! We knew Uncle Donald and Aunt Amy were coming, but Austin was a surprise!

This has to be the most people we've had in here at a single time. 10 of us, and we're all in the living room! 

We're going to do lunch together, and a really tasty way where everyone gets what they want is a Big Wok style buffet where people put whatever raw ingredients they want into a bowl and then Chef Joe and Chef Theresa cook it all up hot and fresh for them. 

Together we did a fun taste test, then visited their Great Grandma, and had a pizza dinner with family friends. Austin, Amy, and Donald all had to leave after that so we said our goodbyes. Grammy and Grandpa are staying the night with a friend, so it's just Rita who is coming back with us to the RV. 

We gather up wood for our last night here. Previously Ian had taken it upon himself to get everything ready in the firepit for me to light. Starting with the dry grass, little sticks, big sticks, and finally logs. Alli was determined to do it all tonight. 

And a short time later, we had a roaring fire, perfect for marshmallows. 

And when it was time to go in, I had the kids throw all the little branches into the fire and then it really got big and hot. 

They're just lying on the pavement, looking up at the sky. So far, they've been loving this Full-Time RV life. I've loved all the extra time with the family. 
It's been a fun time in Missouri, but it's time to move on. On to the next adventure!

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  1. Silver lining with everything...the big flood created an opportunity to redo things and make it better and more convenient (hello sewer lines!) for campers! What a nice surprise of so many family visitors (did Alli & Ian know any of them were coming?)...lots of fun with those walks and uno games. Alli was very excited to tell Grandpa about her missing tooth :-) Beautiful bike path through the forest...will definitely be very colorful in the fall. That's a neat folding bike-into-shopping cart Theresa rides...first time seeing that! The full-size piano keyboard will be great for those music lessons (enjoyed Rita's playing and singing a Disney tune!) The fellow campers have been very friendly and generous...those new s'mores creations look very yummy (never thought of those combinations). Ian & Alli look content just relaxing and enjoying the night sky. P.S. Glad the opened side panel was discovered before any disaster or lost stuff! Greenville Campground was a wonderful stop to enjoy some different things (e.g., "own" hummingbirds and the Confederate Cemetery), along with the usual things. EOM