Friday, August 13, 2021

Visiting with Grandma and other family friends - 2021/07/22

We're wrapping up our time here in Missouri, but there's a few more things we've got to do before we leave. The main reason we came though Missouri and met up with all the family is so that we could go see Theresa's Grandma (Ian and Alli's Great Grandma). 

Donald, Amy, and Austin are with us too. Of course Ian wants Austin to ride with us on the drive there. 

Getting a picture of all the siblings together. 

With COVID rates being what they are we're not allowed to go inside. But we're able to get together outside. 

They let us take over the smoking area outside at the nursing home. We've also only got 30 minutes before they are going to kick us out and give it back to the smokers. 

So we gave a few hugs. 

Grandma is 96 years old and is always happy to see us. 

We chatted for a while. Showed pictures of what everyone has been up to on our phones. 

Got a few group pictures of course. 

And Grandma likes to sing old hymns. 

Our time was up. It was good to see her again. 

Next, we're going to a family friend's house. 

Theresa has known Betty since T was a little girl. It's her birthday soon, so we're celebrating a little early. First I made up a few tasty pizzas. 

Then we enjoyed a red velvet cake. 

It was good to visit with Barb, Donna, and Betty. 

Oh, but this is the part that is the worst. When it's time to say goodbye. Donald is headed back to Michigan. Alli was holding it together pretty well until Donald said something like "See you in a few months." That's a really long time for a little girl. 

She does love her family. The year off from seeing them makes her miss them even more. 

Love you Aunt Amy. 

Bye Austin. 
Today was a good day visiting with people. 

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  1. A child's unabashed show of emotion because she loves her Aunt Amy & Uncle Donald so very much...Alli, they love you and will miss you, too! Definitely a day of reconnecting with family and friends. Grandma looks happy at 96!!...those hymns are beautiful and gives much comfort, hope, and peace to her and those who hear them. Glad Grandma can still see her family and enjoy their presence, even at 96! Also special for Theresa to see an old friend from her childhood days. EOM