Friday, August 6, 2021

The Flowers Explore - Tompkins Bend Arkansas - 2021/07/15-19

After leaving Crystal Springs, it was just a short 20 minute drive to Tompkins Bend. I could get used to these short travel days. Normally we'd stay in the same place, but Theresa couldn't reserve a single site at Crystal Springs for the entire week. That's okay though. We like seeing new places too. 

Here's the map as it stands so far. 

And a closer look at the short distance between the last few sites. We're even on the same lake!

I drove up to the check-in, but the ranger was out on rounds. That's okay. Theresa has our site number. 

Well this might be the narrowest spot I've tried to back into so far. It's also the least level. There was an 11 inch difference between the back of the site and the front. 

Whew! Didn't hit anything. 

And it's positioned well enough that when the slides popped out it didn't come in contact with the tree. 

Outside our window, we've got a view of the lake again. That site in front of us is a tent-only site. Since the forecast is calling for rain, I'm hoping it remains empty during our stay here. 

The best way to learn about a new place is to go exploring. I pulled out our bicycles (a must for this RV adventure) and we set off. 

The kids have an eye for the playgrounds. As soon as we drive someplace new, they're quick to point out if they see it, and quickly follow that up with asking when they can play on it. 

Beautiful sunsets here as we're wrapping up our bike ride. 

One thing we've had good fortune with so far has been cell service. This site would be the first exception. Normally we'd try to stream a movie or something at night, but we've brought games for just these sorts of occasions. I taught the kids how to play Mexican Train with dominoes. 

The one place we did happen to get a cell signal every once in a while was at the playground. The kids were just fine with that because it meant more playtime for them. 

Eating lunch while it's raining outside. 

You might think the RV would shake a bit, but it's actually fairly stable. There were a few times the kids set up all the dominoes. 

Rainy day Mexican Train dominoes. 

Just like when we were back home, the kids like making surprises for us. It works really well that they've got their own closed-off bedroom. They can go do whatever they want in there to plan. 
Theresa and I heard "Don't look, don't look!" a lot while they were up to their planning. 

Finally they were ready to show off their surprise. It's a surprise party! With party hats, decorations, and games!

They hid different things around their room and if we found them we got a prize!

More bike rides. 

I attempted to make chicken nuggets for the first time in the RV. They were a big success! So far I've been able to recreate all our meals in the RV kitchen. 

Rainy day Uno. 

More rain?


We had to be selective with the toys we brought for the kids. Along with the games, we also brought Legos and these magnets too. They're super versatile. I remember when he was a little baby he liked to build Professor Von Drake's Time Machine from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that turned Mickey and the gang into babies. 

And speaking of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that's what we made next. See the Mickey Mouse head on top with the ears. 

Now that he's older, we can start making bigger and more complicated things. 

It'll give us an understanding of structural stability and the importance of building a good base. 

We took another walk once the rain started to clear up. We walked to the playground and even happened upon a tiny snake! After we left the snake I told Ian that I forgot to take a photo of it. 
Ian - You forgot to take a photo? 
Crazy, right? 

A visit to another dock. We'll be working on swimming when we find a pool. 

We do love seeing all the nature that's around. Like these gorgeous butterflies. 

Alli locked herself away in her room to make her own surprise for everyone. She was so excited to show us.

It's a Minecraft Disney Surprise!

Giraffee and Polar Beary have a scavenger hunt game. 

And Alli made these hats and popcorn buckets for us. 

Dare I say, she's getting pretty good at drawing now. We filled these with popcorn and watched a movie together on the couch. 

Alli - Daddy, take a picture. This one looks like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

It's been fun, but it's time to make our way to our next location. This time we're moving a little bit further down the road. It'll be a 5.5 hour drive for us this time. 

Ian - I liked the seesaw. The park was good. Alli collected a button a leaf a stick with a nail going through it and a black thing with a golden bar. 

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  1. Change of pace for activities due to the rain and lack of cell reception...great family time with the different games...allows more time for "surprises" from the kids to create something new (Surprise Party w/ a Fort Minnie and Minecraft Disney (nice popcorn holders & drawings, Alli)...gotta love those surprise parties!) Those colorful magnets are great for one's imagination...cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Ian! Like the composition of that sunset picture with the lake framed by the trees. Such a cozy feeling when watching the rain outside but staying warm and dry inside as one enjoys their meal. EOM