Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Happy Birthday to Joe - Plus a Bruster's Real Ice Cream taste test

Happy Birthday to me! It's my birthday and we're on the road in the RV! I'm sure we can figure out a fun way to celebrate!

But because we've been seeing so much family before we actually left Colorado, the celebrations started in early July. Like with a steak dinner, courtesy of Theresa's cousin and his family. Yum! I do love steak with truffle butter. 

And my parents surprised me with a scavenger hunt around the house. I totally wasn't expecting a birthday present and celebration 4 weeks before my birthday!

Mmm. I do love a Village Inn French Silk Pie. And this Bugs Bunny glass is traditional for any birthdays here. You always get your age taped to the front of the glass too. 

The kids think the French Silk pie is the best also. 

Now jump forward a few weeks and we're on the road in the RV. We have visitors! Amy's birthday is also in July, so we did a combined celebration. There's Red Velvet Cake and one of my favorites, warm chocolate chip cookies. 

The kids had big plans and made a surprise for me in their room. Up goes the sign that says "Do not Entr".

They were really excited to show me what they made. 

"Do entr? Yes"

The video of the whole thing. 

They made me a few things with magnets. 

It's the Disney Castle. 

And Soarin'. The Orange-Yellow thing standing up is the screen. The other triangles are all the seats. 

They also made me presents. A Peter Pan hat colored green with a red feather, a blue (my favorite color) heart that says "Hapey", and a heart wallet that I can keep my money in. Thank you Ian and Alli!

I got lots of phone calls and texts with birthday wishes. It was fun to hear from everybody!

For my special birthday treat Theresa wanted to find me a really tasty Ice Cream place. We're in Kentucky and Bruster's Real Ice Cream is supposed to be really good. 

They have over 150 different ice cream recipes, and each store can make up to 24 different flavors every morning. That's a lot of ice cream possibilities!

Everyone picked their favorite flavor from the list of 24. 

And... I might have been allowed to pick 3 flavors. 

I sure am getting a lot of birthday songs!

Wow, that's 6 different ice cream scoops in one big waffle bowl. 
Cotton Candy Explosion - Ian's pick. Everyone was surprised with the color. It's orange instead of the usual light blue. And as for the Explosion part, there's Pop Rocks coated with candy melt mixed in, and not just a couple. There's a whole bunch in here. It does have a good Cotton Candy flavor. 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Alli's pick. She's really liking this flavor lately. It's a good vanilla base with tasty chocolate chip cookie dough chunks. 
Mint Chocolate Chip - Theres's pick. She's always on the lookout for a good Mint Chocolate Chip. Dreyers is her favorite, but who knows, maybe there's something better. This... This was not better. Theresa said it tastes too much like toothpaste. She said "This Ice Cream is just wrong." 
Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk - My first pick. I do love cherry ice cream. Adding chocolate to it is even better. There were a ton of chocolate chunks in here plus a whole cherries. I really liked this one. 
Boston Cream Pie - My second pick. I do like pie. This one has a Vanilla Eclair Ice Cream with Fudge swirls and pie pieces. 
Coconut Sorbet - My third pick. Coconut is another favorite of mine. This was a little like a coconut snow cone but with much stronger flavor and real bits of coconut. Yummy!

It was a great day! 

I've got so many people who love and care for me. I'm really fortunate.


  1. Truly blessed when you feel and know the love of so many family members!...What a Happy Birthday celebration(s)...Happy Birthday, Joe!! Quite a unique but yummy ice cream birthday "cake", even a blue candle!...the Boston Cream sounds really tempting (fudge swirls and pie pieces captured in that vanilla eclair...yes!)...Coconut Sorbet also sounds delicious (since I like coconut flavors). Special birthday surprise from Alli & Ian (top secret project)...colorful Disney castle and Soarin' attraction...special blue heart to match Daddy's shirt, too!...wonderful!!!...really enjoyed the fireworks (such colorful light scenes). EOM

  2. Happy belated birthday Joe! We miss you