Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Scoops Ice Cream shop in Arkansas 2021/07/17

We couldn't possibly have ice cream three days in a row, could we? 

Yes we could! When Theresa was looking at what each state was known for, she found a site that talked about all the best ice creams. Scoops Ice Cream is rated one of the best! And it's not too far away! 

The ice cream from Scoops is all made right here in the store. I hope it's tasty!

Inside there's only one case of ice cream. 

There's 24 different flavors here. Scoops of ice cream is fairly expensive. $7 for a single, $9 for a double, and $11 for a triple. 
I like the signage here. "Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy cows. And cows make milk. And milk makes ice cream. And ice cream makes you HAPPY!"

"Happiness is Homemade" "Celebrate Everything"
That's my kind of store!

The case here has places for 24 flavors, but at least 6 were missing. And they look more like gelato than the regular tubs of ice cream we're used to seeing. 

We ended up getting a triple, but all in the same container. We'll put a waffle cone on the top and break pieces off. 

The kids are ready to dig in. 

Our flavors today are: Alli - Chocolate, Joe - Cherry Chunk, Ian - Cotton Candy. 

The ice cream was exceptionally creamy. There's very little air whipped into this as well. It's a very thick and creamy mouth feel. These baseball size scoops are pretty substantial. 
Ian liked the Cotton Candy. It's got that sugary cotton candy flavor along with little candy bits to add some color. 

Alli made a mini ice cream cone with her chocolate ice cream and the end of the waffle cone. She like the chocolate ice cream. Theresa and I tasted it and while it was good, it's got a fairly weak chocolate flavor. The strength of the chocolate flavor reminded me of those chocolate malts that you eat with a wooden spoon. 

My Chunky Cherry Grande has real cherries in it! Unfortunately it suffered the same problem as the chocolate. Weak cherry flavor in the ice cream, other than the cherries themselves. 

It was still good enough for Ian to tell the worker there "You make very good ice cream!"

The kids are scooping up the last of what's remaining. 

I think they liked it. 

Ian was wondering why there were all the cows everywhere. But then he figured it out himself. "Cause cows give us milk, and then we can make ice cream!" You got it buddy. 
There's street signs all over the place here too. In the front, there's Cow Lover Court. We walked down Banana Split Lane then turned right at Ice Cream Ave to get to the bathrooms. Normally I'd end it there, but let's take a look at the bathrooms. 

Ha! Even the bathrooms are themed with an appreciation for cows. 

There's American Gothic by Grant Wood

And Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1, better known as Whistler's Mother by James McNeill Whistler

The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough. I even got to see the original in person at Huntington Gardens!

Is the Women's restroom different? Yes it was!

Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence is often paired with Thomas Gainsborough's Blue Boy, even though they are by different artists and painted 24 years apart, Blue Boy in 1770 and Pinkie in 1794. They both hang at the Huntington Gardens in California. 

Lastly was this Degas. I knew he painted dancers, but he's got so many different paintings of dancers it took more time than I was expecting to find the one that this reproduction is based on. Here are the Four Dancers by Edgar Degas

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  1. Those ice cream scoops are big...maybe that's why they call the place "Scoops" :-) The Cotton Candy flavor looked really colorful (did it taste like cotton candy, especially since the other 2 flavors weren't very "strong"?)...nevertheless, looks like Alli & Ian really enjoyed the cold treat, down to the last spoonfuls! Fun signage in the place...Happiness is homemade (Yes!!) "Udderly" charming pictures :-) (interesting to see the actual paintings for comparison...thanks; I also got a chance to see Pinkie & Blue Boy at the Huntington...amazing library, gallery, & gardens) EOM