Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Fruity Cereal Kit Kat

Who likes Froot Loops? We do! In fact, it's Alli's favorite cereal. Normally I'm the one finding the interesting treats, but this time Theresa was walking through Walmart and saw these bright pink Kit Kats. We've got to try them!

Alli - It's pink! And my shirt is pink too!

And of course we'll be having them a bowl of that sweet frooty cereal too. 
Though the package of Kit Kats says that it's Fruity cereal. 

These Kit Kats have crisp wafers in a fruity cereal flavored creme. When Theresa brought these to me I was thinking they were fruity pebbles, but a look at the packaging says it's clearly Froot Loops. 

The backs of these Kit Kat packages usually has some saying. These suggest packing them as a lunch box surprise. But this is cereal, meaning breakfast. Seems like an odd suggestion on these ones. 

The creme itself has lots of little colored bits in it. Maybe it's supposed to be representative of the different colors of cereal loops? They're little sugar crystals, and you can feel the texture difference every once in a while if you bite down on it just right. 

Ian - The cereal does taste like cereal!
Funny guy. That's not the taste test buddy. 
We tasted the Froot Loops first to get a baseline. 

Next we tried the Kit Kats. 
Alli - This tastes like Fruity Pebbles. 
Patrick - I think so too. 
Gram was not a fan of the cereal or the Kit Kats. 
Megan - I liked it. I don't want more than one, but I liked it. 
Avery - I like the candy bar better!
Avery - Because it's really yummy!

Overall we did like the flavor of these. Definitely glad to try them!

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  1. Very pretty pink packaging for the Kit Kat to grab one's attention when walking down the aisles. Looks like the fruity Kit Kat was a fun candy treat (and also pretty looking with that pastel color and sprinkled colors). "Cereal tastes like cereal!" (hahaha)...good one Ian!. "Why is the candy bar better?"..."because it's really yummy"...good answer, Avery :-) Fun time! EOM