Night shots at Disneyland

I’ve been wanting to come back to Disneyland and play around with my new 8mm fisheye lens since I first got it in September.  I was able to get some really fun photos with it after dark and I even got one printed on aluminum and the results were fantastic.  The picture I printed is the first one in this post.  
Theresa and I headed to the parks right after work.  We went on a couple rides (Winnie the Pooh was one of them of course), and then started taking photos.
We met a really nice cast member who saw us taking photos and was really helpful.  She moved signs out of the picture and stood off to the side while I took the shot.  Thanks Stephanie! 

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Willemstad and our last day in Curacao

We got to spend a little time here in Willemstad earlier in the trip when we stopped for dinner, but on Thursday, we decided it was time to explore.  Willemstad is the biggest city in Curacao, and it’s also where all the cruise ships dock to give their passengers shore excursions.  You can really see the Dutch influence in the buildings here. 

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